Diavolezza jacuzzi bath at 3,000m

This panoramic jacuzzi stands on the sun terrace of the Diavolezza mountain restaurant, offering unrestricted views of the Bernina massif and the Piz Palü. The water bubbles at a beautifully warm 41 degrees, even as – at 3,000m above sea level – the air temperature rapidly drops towards zero as evening approaches, giving an extra frisson to the bathing experience. Finally, a waiter brings you a white bathrobe, signalling an end to the stimulatory boost to your circulation.


Whirlpool Diavolezza
26.05. - 21.11.14 / 20.12.14 - 24.05.15

Hotel guests* 19.-
Day guests* 24.-
Bathing trunks hire 4.-
* including towel, bathrobe and slippers  



Berghaus Diavolezza
Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG
7504 Pontresina
T +41 81 839 39 00www.diavolezza.ch


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