Mineral springs

Bubbling with energy for 3,500 years

The River Inn: the lifeline of the Engadin

Number one among the rivers and streams of the Upper Engadin is and always will be the Inn

A favourable climate – from the Ice Age into the future

The interplay between glaciers and lakes in the Engadin is absolutely unique

Samedan Water Days: where great ideas spring forth

Each September, everything in Samedan revolves around this, our most precious commodity. During the so-called Water Days, people meet to find out more about

The watershed at the Lunghin Pass

If it rains on the Piz Lunghin, all of Europe is delighted ‒ for from here, the water flows in all directions and finally ends up in three different seas

Why researchers love this high valley

The Engadin is one of the most intensively researched climate and ecology archives in the world

A lake heats the hotel

A cold lake is being used to heat one of the most exclusive hotels in the world: Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is breaking new ground in the sphere of energy production

Water in abundance

It’s a privilege to always have water whenever you want it,” says Heinrich Denoth

Once a year is Lake Clean-Up Day

Every autumn, the large lakes in the Engadin are rid of unwanted debris. All kinds of objects are recovered from the water, from building rubble to old computers right through to a motorbike


It is not easy to differentiate between the male and female chamois.

The kitesurfer

From the tiny village of Silvaplana, the sport of kiting conquered the world

The coffee roaster

Daniel Badilatti is the highest coffee roaster in Europe

The water guardian

For many locals, Lake Staz is the epitome of a mini-paradise

The rivers

The Upper Engadin owes much of its unique appeal to the harmonious interplay between its imposing Alpine scenery, its idyllic lakes and its wild mountain streams.

The sailing expert

St. Moritz sailing instructor Wim Rossel explains why the best yachtsmen in the world love this tournament so much

The lakes

It is so beautiful that it is almost too good to be true: the lake plateau between Maloja and St. Moritz characterises the landscape of the Engadin’s watery realm.

The water designer

The Basel-based architect firm, Miller & Maranta, was responsible for building the Mineral Baths & Spa in Samedan