Engadin Ski Marathon trail (Maloja – S-chanf)

It all begins with the Women’s Run a week before the big event: on the first weekend in March, around 1,000 women compete on a 17km (11 mile) course between Samedan and S-chanf.

For the Engadin Ski Marathon itself, over 12,000 skiers race along the 42 most famous kilometres of cross-country trail (26 miles) in Switzerland, between Maloja and S-chanf.

Especially spectacular is the boisterous section in the Staz forest, where a lively crowd enjoys the antics of the less experienced racers. Around 4 per cent of participants “kiss” the snow here – which makes for about 500 falls.

The Engadin Ski Marathon trail is by good conditions open all season, and is prepared daily.


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