Cross-country trail report Maloja - Zernez

The variety of landscapes is as unique as the trail quality is outstanding – what better place to enjoy cross-country skiing at its finest? The network of both classic and skating circuits in Engadin St. Moritz covers up to 220 kilometres of stunning trails. Let yourself be inspired, whether it’s cross-country skiing across the frozen lakes, in the romantic side valleys, through the Forest of Staz covered in deep snow, or along the Inn River.

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Cross-country trail report

The scenic diversity is unique, the quality of the ski trails first-class, the guarantee of snow unrivalled. The network of cross-country ski trails in Engadin St. Moritz covers an impressive 200 kilometres. Among them are the most famous 42 kilometres in Switzerland – the Marathon trail between Maloja and S- chanf. Come and be inspired by the rich variety our landscape has to offer.

Cross-country runs Skating Classic
01 Orden – Lake Cavloccio – Plan Canin closed closed
02 Maloja circuit trail 3.5 km open (good-fair) 3.5 km open (good-fair)
03 La Palza circuit trail closed closed
04 Maloja-Silsersee closed closed
05 Maloja – Isola 3 km open (good-fair) 3 km open (good-fair)
06 Maloja – Sils (lake trail) closed closed
07 Isola ciruit trail closed closed
08 Plaun da Lej-Isola closed closed
09 Plaun da Lej-Sils Baselgia closed closed
10 Isola – Sils closed closed
11 Sils (Alpenrose)-Fex Cresta 6 km open (good) 6 km open (good-fair)
12 Sils (Furtschellas Talstation)-Fex Platta closed closed
13 Fex Platta-Fex Cresta 1.7 km open (fair-good) 1.7 km open (good-fair)
14 Fex Cresta-Hotel Fex 1.8 km open (fair-good) 1.8 km open (good-fair)
15 Hotel Fex-Gletscher 4 km open (fair-good) 4 km open (good-fair)
16 Baselgia circuit trail closed closed
17 Marathonloipe Sils 3 km open (good) 3 km open (good)
18 Furtschellas circuit trail closed closed
- Die Loipen nach Val Fex sind auch in Skatingtechnik fahrbar.
19 Sils Beach Club-Silvaplana (lake trail) closed closed
20 Silvaplana Surfzentrum-Silvaplana closed closed
21 Sils – Silvaplana/Surlej closed closed
22 Sils – Silvaplana (lake trail) closed closed
23 Silvaplana circuit trail closed closed
24 Silvaplana/Surlej-Champfèr (lake trail) closed closed
25 Marathonloipe Silvaplana/Surlej closed closed
26 Silvaplana/Surlej-Champfèrersee (Marathonloipe) closed closed
27 Rundloipe Champfèr Wiese closed closed
28 Silvaplana/Surlej – St. Moritz (Palüd Lungia) closed closed
29 Champférersee-St. Moritz Bad (Marathonloipe) 1.7 km open (good) 2.3 km open (good-fair)
30 Champfèr-St.Moritz Bad closed closed
31 St. Moritz Bad night trail
floodlit 5.00-9.00pm
2 km open (good) 1.5 km open (good-fair)
Die Übungswiese San Gian ist offen.
Loipe Nr. 29 ist offen von Restaurant Ul Cüsch bis zum Langlaufzentrum
32 St. Moritz Bad – Pontresina (Stazer forest) closed closed
33 Staz Alp closed closed
34 Traumloipe/Stazer forest closed closed
35 Rosegtal bis Restaurant Roseg closed
36 Roseg Valley (with Roseg glacier trail) closed
37 Rennloipe Pontresina closed
38 Pontresina Langlauf Zentrum-Pontresina Surovas closed closed
39 Pontresina – Morteratsch closed closed
40 Pontresina-Morteratsch über Camping closed closed
41 Morteratsch glacier trail closed closed
42 Talstation Diavolezza-Alp Bondo Rundloipe closed closed
43 Pontresina night trail
floodlit 5.00-9.00pm
1.5 km open (good) 1.5 km open (good)
44 Pontresina – Punt Muragl closed closed
45 Anschlussloipe Muragls-Punt Muragl closed closed
46 Pontresina – Celerina closed closed
47 Celerina circuit trail San Gian 2 km open (good) 2 km open (good)
48 Samedan circuit trail, golf course 1.5 km open (good) 1.5 km open (good)
49 Punt Muragl-Samedan Flugplatz-Gravatscha (Marathonloipe) closed closed
50 Anschluss Marathonloipe Samedan Flugplatz closed closed
Loipe 48: Von Golfhaus bis Verbindung Celerina offen
51 Samedan-Bever (links des Inns) closed closed
52 Samedan (Promulins)-Gravatscha (Anschluss Marathonloipe) closed closed
53 Samedan Flugplatz (Camping) - Bever closed closed
54 Gravatschasee-Bever (Marathonloipe) closed closed
55 Bever – Spinas closed closed
56 Link Marathon trail – Bever Valley closed closed
57 Bever La Punt Chamues-ch closed closed
58 Rundloipe Chamues-ch closed closed
59 La Punt Chamues-ch-Zuoz (Marathonloipe) closed closed
60 Variante Madulain-Zuoz Resgia closed closed
61 Rundloipe La Punt-Madulain (Hundeloipe) closed closed
62 Madulain – Zuoz (dog trail) closed closed
63 Madulain – Zuoz Chaunt da Crusch closed closed
64 Zuoz Resgia-S-chanf (Marathonloipe) closed closed
65 Zuoz Resgia-S-chanf (Variante) closed closed
66 Zuoz-S-chanf (Hundeloipe) closed closed
67 S-chanf – Cinuos-chel/Brail closed closed
68 S-chanf – Zernez closed closed
69 Zernez racing trail closed
70 Zernez night trail
Guests can switch on the floodlight themselves.
closed closed
71 Zernez – Susch Lavin – Giarsun closed closed
72 Susch-Lavin-Giarsun closed closed
73 Buffalora trail closed closed

Cross-country runs Skating Classic
Total km open 31.7 of 242 31.8 of 234.2

Cross-country run report (PDF)
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