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Here you will find everything you need to know to plan a perfect day cross-country skiing.

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Cross-country trail report

The scenic diversity is unique, the quality of the ski trails first-class, the guarantee of snow unrivalled. The network of cross-country ski trails in Engadin St. Moritz covers an impressive 200 kilometres. Among them are the most famous 42 kilometres in Switzerland – the Marathon trail between Maloja and S- chanf. Come and be inspired by the rich variety our landscape has to offer.

Cross-country runs Skating Classic
26 Champfèr-St.Moritz Bad closed closed
27 St.Moritz Bad Nachtloipe
floodlit 5.00-9.00pm
closed closed
28 St. Moritz Bad – Pontresina (Stazer forest) closed closed
29 Staz Alp closed closed
30 Traumloipe/Stazer forest closed closed
31 Pontresina-Restaurant Roseg Gletscher closed
32 Roseg Valley (with Roseg glacier trail) closed
33 Rennloipe Pontresina closed
34 Pontresina Langlauf Zentrum-Pontresina Surovas closed closed
35 Pontresina – Morteratsch closed closed
36 Pontresina-Morteratsch über Camping closed closed
37 Morteratsch glacier trail closed closed
38 Alp Bondo closed closed
39 Pontresina night trail
floodlit 5.00-9.00pm
closed closed
40 Pontresina – Punt Muragl closed closed
41 Anschlussloipe Muragls-Punt Muragl closed closed
Muragl circuit trail
42 Pontresina – Celerina closed closed
43 Celerina circuit trail San Gian closed closed
44 Samedan circuit trail, golf course closed closed
45 Punt Muragl-Samedan Flugplatz-Gravatscha (Marathonloipe) closed closed
46 Anschluss Marathonloipe Samedan Flugplatz closed closed
47 Samedan-Bever (links des Inns) closed closed
48 Samedan (Promulins)-Gravatscha (Anschluss Marathonloipe) closed closed
49 Flugplatz (Camping)-Bever closed closed
50 Gravatschasee-Bever (Marathonloipe) closed closed

Cross-country runs Skating Classic
Total km open 0 of 74 0 of 76.7

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Cross-country run report (PDF)

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