Cross-country ski trails in St. Moritz, Celerina, Pontresina, Samedan, Bever

The aorta of the cross-country ski trail network – the Engadin Ski Marathon trail – is connected to a whole range of smaller but highly varied trails. The density is particularly high in the triangle formed by the villages of Samedan, Pontresina and Celerina, where the trails run through particularly interesting terrain.

Alongside the loops through Samedan golf course and around the church of San Gian, Pontresina is a particular magnet for the Nordic brigade: this is the starting point for circuits into the valleys of Roseg and Morteratsch, and also the base for training on the illuminated racing circuit. The uphills and downhills in the Staz forest are legendary: a tough stretch of the Marathon trail that is particularly popular with spectators.

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Cross-country trail report

The scenic diversity is unique, the quality of the ski trails first-class, the guarantee of snow unrivalled. The network of cross-country ski trails in Engadin St. Moritz covers an impressive 200 kilometres. Among them are the most famous 42 kilometres in Switzerland – the Marathon trail between Maloja and S- chanf. Come and be inspired by the rich variety our landscape has to offer.

Cross-country runs Skating Classic
26 Champfèr-St.Moritz Bad 2.5 km open (good) 2.5 km open (good)
27 St.Moritz Bad Nachtloipe
floodlit 5.00-9.00pm
2 km open (good) 2 km open (good)
28 St. Moritz Bad – Pontresina (Stazer forest) 7.5 km open (good) 7.5 km open (good)
29 Staz Alp 5.5 km open (good) 5.5 km open (good)
30 Traumloipe/Stazer forest 5 km open (good) 5 km open (good)
31 Pontresina-Restaurant Roseg Gletscher 7.2 km open (good)
32 Roseg Valley (with Roseg glacier trail) 2.5 km open (good)
33 Rennloipe Pontresina 7 km open (fair)
34 Pontresina Langlauf Zentrum-Pontresina Surovas 1.3 km open (good) 1.3 km open (good)
35 Pontresina – Morteratsch 3.8 km open (good) 3.8 km open (good)
36 Pontresina-Morteratsch über Camping 4 km open (good) 4 km open (good)
37 Morteratsch glacier trail 2.8 km open (good) 2.8 km open (good)
38 Alp Bondo out of service out of service
39 Pontresina night trail
floodlit 5.00-9.00pm
1.5 km open (good) 1.5 km open (good)
Nachtloipe Pontresina beleuchtet von Mon.-Sam.
40 Pontresina – Punt Muragl 2 km open (good) 3 km open (good)
41 Anschlussloipe Muragls-Punt Muragl 0.5 km open (good) 0.5 km open (good)
Muragl circuit trail
42 Pontresina – Celerina 3 km open (good) 3 km open (good)
43 Celerina circuit trail San Gian 4 km open (good) 4 km open (good)
44 Samedan circuit trail, golf course 4 km open (good) 4 km open (good)
45 Punt Muragl-Samedan Flugplatz-Gravatscha (Marathonloipe) 3.7 km open (good) 3.7 km open (good)
46 Anschluss Marathonloipe Samedan Flugplatz 0.5 km open (good) 0.5 km open (good)
47 Samedan-Bever (links des Inns) 3 km open (good) 3 km open (good)
48 Samedan (Promulins)-Gravatscha (Anschluss Marathonloipe) 1.5 km open (good) 1.5 km open (good)
49 Flugplatz (Camping)-Bever 0.9 km open (good) 0.9 km open (good)
50 Gravatschasee-Bever (Marathonloipe) 1.5 km open (good) 1.5 km open (good)

Cross-country runs Skating Classic
Total km open 67.5 of 74 71.2 of 76.7

Bever / Zernez trails Lake trails

Cross-country run report (PDF)

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