Hiking trails and sledging runs

La Punt, Madulain, Zuoz, S-chanf, Zernez

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Winter hiking trails Bever – Zernez  
084 Bever sledging run Crasta Mora
085 Bever-Las Agnas (old road)
1.4 km open Spring snow
086 Bever-La Punt (Inn riverside trail)
3.6 km open Spring snow
087 Chamues-ch-La Punt circuit trail
2.5 km open snow-free
088 Val Chamuera till cascade
1.1 km open Spring snow
089 Chamues-ch-Madulain Golf
1.5 km open Spring snow
090 Chamues-ch-Madulain
1.5 km open Spring snow
091 Chamues-ch-Madulain-Zuoz Resgia ('Inline trail')
3.6 km open snow-free
092 La Punt-Madulain
1.5 km open Spring snow
093 La Punt: Toboggan run Barriere-Reservoir
094 La Punt: Toboggan run Reservoir-La Punt
095 Madulain: Toboggan run Via Vallatscha
096 Madulain Golf-Zuoz forest trail (south)
3.3 km open snow-free
097 Madulain Golf-Zuoz sentier forestal (sud)
3 km open snow-free
098 Madulain-Zuoz (Champatsch)
1.7 km open snow-free
099 Madulain-Zuoz (Via Segantini)
1.8 km open Spring snow
100 Zuoz-Pizzet
1 km open hard-spring snow
101 Pizzet-Via Engiadina-Castell-Zuoz
1.9 km open Spring snow
102 Pizzet-Es-cha Dadoura
2 km open Spring snow
103 Zuoz-Pro Tort-Castell
0.7 km open Spring snow
104 Zuoz: Sledging run Zuoz
out of service
105 Zuoz-S-chanf (shooting range-railway line)
1.7 km open snow-free
106 Zuoz-S-chanf (Inn riverside trail)
3 km open snow-free
107 Zuoz Resgia-S-chanf (south)
2.5 km open snow-free
108 Zuoz Resgia-S-chanf ('Inline trail')
2.9 km open snow-free
109 S-chanf - Chapella
1.7 km open Spring snow
110 S-chanf-Susauna
3.5 km open Spring snow
111 S-chanf-Chapella (south)
2 km open Spring snow
112 Chapella-Susauna
1.7 km open powder-wet
113 Chapella-Cinuos-chel (along the RhB)
1.4 km open Spring snow
114 Chapella-Cinuos-chel (above the road)
1.4 km open Spring snow
115 Chapella-Cinuos-chel (upper trail)
1.6 km open Spring snow
116 Cinuos-chel-Brail
2.2 km open snow-free
117 Winter trails around Brail
2.8 km open snow-free
118 Brail: Toboggan run Brail
119 Zernez-Chasuot
2.4 km open snow-free
120 Zernez Muottas-Plei
1.3 km open snow-free
121 Winter trails around Zernez
4.2 km open snow-free
122 Zernez: Toboggan run Munt Baselgia

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