Hiking trails and sledging runs

Maloja, Sils, Silvaplana, St. Moritz

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Winter hiking trails Bever – Zernez  
001 Winter trails around Maloja
3.8 km open hard-wet
002 Maloja/Orden-Cavloc
5 km open hard-wet
003 Maloja-Tower Belvedere circuit trail
3 km open hard-wet
004 Maloja-Palza
2 km open hard-wet
005 Maloja-Isola
3.5 km open hard-wet
006 Isola-Plaun da Lej (lake trail)
007 Maloja-Sils Maria (lake trail)
008 Isola-Sils Maria (lakeside trail)
009 Isola/Plaun da Lej-Sils Baselgia (lake trail)
010 Winter trails around Sils Baselgia
2.5 km open hard-wet
011 Sils Maria-Fex Platta (gorge trail)
1.6 km open hard-wet
012 Sils: Toboggan run Laret-Sils
0.8 km open good
013 Sils Maria-Fex Crasta-Hotel Fex
5.5 km open hard-wet
014 Fex Platta-Fex Crasta
1 km open hard-wet
015 Hotel Fex-Gletscher (Plaun Vadret)
4 km open hard-wet
016 Sils Baselgia-Turba
4 km open hard-wet
017 Turba-Güvé-Fex Crasta
1.5 km open hard-wet
018 Sils Maria-Crastas
0.65 km open hard-wet
019 Furtschellas-Kuhstall
2 km open hard-wet
020 Furtschellas middle station-Rabgiusa Hut
3.6 km open Spring snow
021 Sils Maria-Silvaplana/Surlej
5 km open hard-wet
21a Sils Maria-Silvaplana/Surlej (Seeweg)
022 Sils Beachclub-Silvaplana Surfcentre
023 Silvaplana Surfcentre-Silvaplana
1.6 km open Spring snow
024 Silvaplana-Champfèr
2.5 km open Spring snow
025 Silvaplana/Surlej-Champfèr (lakeside path)
026 Silvaplana/Surlej-St.Moritz along Lej Nair
3.4 km open Spring snow
26a Rundweg Surlej-Champfèr
3 km open Spring snow
027 Champfèr-St.Moritz Bad/Dorf
2.5 km open Spring snow

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