Hiking trails and sledging runs

St. Moritz, Celerina, Pontresina, Samedan, Bever

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Winter hiking trails Bever – Zernez  
028 Champfèr-Somplaz-Segantini trail-St.Moritz Dorf
1.7 km open powder-wet
029 Chantarella-Salastrains-Oberalpina-Suvretta-Champfèr
out of service
030 Chantarella-Salastrains-Signal-Trutz-El Paradis
out of service
031 Clavadatsch-Suvretta
2 km open powder-wet
032 Chantarella-Heidihütte-Schellen Ursli trail-St. Moritz Dorf
3 km open powder-wet
033 St.Moritz Dorf-Cresta Run
1.5 km open powder-wet
034 Cresta Run-Marguns valley station
1.5 km open powder-wet
035 St. Moritz Bad (french church)-Pro San Gian-St. Moritz ski jump
1.5 km open powder-wet
036 St.Moritz Bad-Hahnensee
037 Around lake St. Moritz
4.2 km open Spring snow
038 Over lake St. Moritz
039 St.Moritz station-Celerina Staz (Charnadüra)
1.2 km open powder-wet
040 Celerina Staz-Celerina
1 km open powder-wet
041 St.Moritz Bad-Lej da Staz
3 km open powder-wet
042 Restaurant Lej da Staz-Pontresina station
3 km open snow-free
043 Restaurant Lej da Staz-Punt Muragl
2 km open snow-free
044 Restaurant Lej da Staz-Celerina
3 km open snow-free
  An schattigen Stellen kann es vereiste Stellen geben.
045 Pontresina cross country ski centre Cuntschett-Tolais
0.4 km open powder-wet
046 Pontresina cross country ski centre-Punt Muragl-Celerina Kirche San Gian
3.8 km open snow-free
047 Snowshoe trail Pontresina cross country ski centre-Celerina church San Gian
048 Pontresina Giarsun-Resgia
0.5 km open snow-free
049 Pontresina church Sta.Maria-Crast'ota (sun terrace)
1.2 km open snow-free
050 Pontresina Via dals Ers-Crast'ota (sun terrace)
0.4 km open snow-free
051 Pontresina Truoch-Crast'ota (sun terrace)
0.3 km open snow-free
052 Pontresina Via da la Botta-Punt Muragl
0.7 km open snow-free
053 Pontresina Via d'Arövens-Punt Muragl
1.5 km open snow-free
054 Pontresina Tais forest-Val Roseg
1.3 km open hard-wet
055 Pontresina station-Restaurant Roseg Gletscher
7 km open hard-wet
056 Pontresina station-Restaurant Roseg Gletscher (horse carriage trail)
7 km open snow-free
057 Circuit trail Roseg Gletscher (glacier trail)
058 Pontresina station-Surovas station
1.8 km open snow-free
59 Pontresina: Toboggan run Languard
out of service
060 Pontresina Resgia-Camping side-Restaurant Morteratsch
4.1 km open snow-free
061 Pontresina Resgia-Kieswerk Montebello-Restaurant Morteratsch
4.3 km open snow-free
062 Restaurant Morteratsch-Morteratsch glacier
2.8 km open snow-free
063 Snowshoe trail Pontresina-Morteratsch
064 Snowshoe trail Bernina Suot-Ospizio Bernina
065 Diavolezza Sass Queder
closed avalanche danger
066 Celerina-Samedan (Inn riverside trail)
3 km open snow-free
067 Celerina-Cristolais
2 km open snow-free
068 Samedan-Cristolais
2 km open snow-free
069 Celerina-San Gian-Samedan
3 km open snow-free
070 Philosopher's trail
out of service
071 Toboggan run Muottas Muragl-Punt Muragll
out of service
072 Snowshoe trail Muottas Muragl
out of service
073 Punt Muragl-Samedan
3 km open snow-free
074 Punt Muragl-Flaz trail-Samedan aerfield (camping side)
4 km open snow-free
075 Samedan airfield-Isellas
1.5 km open snow-free
076 Samedan-San Peter-Funtanella
1 km open snow-free
077 Funtanella-Selvas Plaunas-Muntarütsch
1.8 km open snow-free
078 Polin-Via Veglia
0.9 km open snow-free
079 Samedan Muntarütsch-Bever
2.5 km open snow-free
080 Samedan-Bever (along the RhB)
2.5 km open snow-free
081 Samedan-Bever (Inn riverside trail)
3.8 km open snow-free
082 Bever-Spinas (Val Bever)
5 km open snow-free
083 Winter trails around Bever
2 km open snow-free

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