Friday, 30.09. 2016

This morning 30.09.

Afternoon 30.09.


St. Moritz-Suvretta 1822 m.a.s.l.
Min 2° C / Max 16° C
Muottas Muragl 2453 m.a.s.l.
Min 4° C / Max 10° C
Madulain 1684 m.a.s.l.
Min 3° C / Max 17° C
Friday morning sunny, but with some fog. In the afternoon only few clouds. Early in the morning 2 deg, Maximum temperatures around 16 degrees. Ideal hiking weather!
Saturday morning 01.10.
Afternoon 01.10.
Saturday morning sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy. In the afternoon clouded. Minimum temperature 4 deg, Maximum temperature 12 degrees.
Sunday morning 02.10.
Afternoon 02.10.
On Sunday sun, clouds and some showers. On Monday not quite cloudless. Maximum temperature 11 deg C.

Engadin Forecast for this Week

Mo 03.10.
Tu 04.10.
We 05.10.
Th 06.10.

On Tuesday and on Wednesday plenty of sunshine. Maximum temperature 12 deg C.


Friday, 30.09. 2016

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37th Nietzsche Colloquium | 29.09.2016 - 02.10.2016

Friedrich Nietzsche as poet. The talks, workshops, discussions and various artistic contributions are aimed not only at specialists, but at any members of the public with an interesting literature and philosophy.

Pontresina Opening of the cross-country skiing season | 27.11.2016 - 03.12.2016

Launch yourself into your winter cross-country skiing season with some expert tuition. Pontresinas grand opening to the cross-country skiing season is all about individuality and lessons in small groups with one-to-one coaching.

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