Village tour of Zuoz

Village tour of Zuoz

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Even in this tradition-conscious village, with its 1,200 inhabitants, time has not stood still; thanks to the beautifully appointed 18-hole golf course, an attractive in-line skating route, and an abundance of hiking and biking possibilities, this picturesque municipality is perfectly equipped to also cater to the needs of tourists in the future.

Vibrant, modern dabs of colour are provided by the Hotel Castell, with its sensuous hamam and original Dorta Restaurant. Culture vultures will be enchanted by the historic village centre and the proud patrician buildings, with their typical oriels and sgraffito decorations, which can be found here in great abundance and are particularly well preserved.

For Zuoz offers the unique ambience of a Romanic village that has kept these witnesses of its eventful past alive. At the heart of Zuoz is its imposing village square, home to the historical Crush Alva restaurant, the Church of San Luzi, the Planta buildings and the Planta Tower.

Even more Engadin ambience is created by the late Romanesque chapel of San Bastiaun and the Gothic Chapel of Santa Chatrigna – all of which can be experienced at first hand on a village tour.

Place Zuoz

Dates, times

26 June - 16 October 18
every Tuesday, 5.00pm

Duration 1 hour 30 min.
Languages German

special tours in G, F, E and I on demand (costs apply)
Meeting "Bärenbrunnen" village square, Zuoz
Costs Free of charge
Head Lilly Mischol
Remarks Groups are kindly asked to reserve guided village tours in advance.

Contact / Booking

Zuoz Tourist Information
7524 Zuoz
T +41 81 854 15 10
F +41 81 854 33 34

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