Glacier hike: Diavolezza–Morteratsch

Glacier hike: Diavolezza–Morteratsch

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The only thing you need in order to tackle the spectacular tour from the Diavolezza summit station across the Pers and Bernina Glaciers and back down to Morteratsch railway station are surefootedness and sufficient stamina to cope with the 1,100m altitude difference. Here, amidst the largest mountain range in the eastern Alps, with the 4,049m high Piz Bernina in the middle, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the glaciers that surround you on all sides. Some five billion tonnes of ice, covering a total distance of 12 kilometres and an altitude difference of 1,000 metres, creep lethargically down into the valley. The guided glacier hike provides an insight into a variety of natural phenomena – from crevasses, to glacial mills and erratics, through to the formation of moraines.


  • Guided day tour of approx. 5 hours across the Pers & Morteratsch Glaciers
  • sure-footedness required
  • Equipment: mountaineering boots or hiking shoes, rain and sun protection, gloves, walking sticks are advisable
  • Refreshments from the backpack
  • Minimum number of participants: 6 people
  • Children age 8 and older
  • Dogs are not allowed
  • Reservation necessary until 5 o'clock in the evening bevor by the mountain guide school office

Price per person (CHF)

Guided glacier hike: Diavolezza–Morteratsch
09.06. - 24.06./10.09. - 21.10.2018: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
25.06. - 09.09.2018: daily

Adults 65.-
Children + youths (up to age 16) 40.-
Prices excluding cable car trip  

Information & Booking

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Via Maistra 163
7504 Pontresina
T +41 81 842 82 82

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