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Just because St. Moritz is its neighbour does not mean that Celerina stands in the former’s shadow; on the contrary, this is the sunniest spot in the Engadin.

Celerina’s shining attractions also include its charming village centre, with its picturesque Engadin houses and its incomparable range of leisure activities. The cable car will whisk you up to dizzying heights, with magnificent views all around. Mountain bikers will find challenging trails on the Corviglia, families a large playground high up at Marguns, and hikers an abundance of spectacular paths. But happiness can also be found in the wide expanses of the main valley: such as in the fragrant larch forests along the path to Lake Staz, one of the most romantic places in the whole of the Engadin.

Basking in the sunshine on a rocky spur is the village landmark, the 14th-century church of San Gian.

In the evenings, too, Celerina lives up to its reputation for variety – perhaps with a jazz concert in an elegant hotel ballroom, or a party at a designer hotel. In August, the resort hosts the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and all year round there are restaurants that serve the spirit of the Engadin in the form of mouth-watering local cuisine.

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