"Cià c'am va" children’s trails, Maloja and Bregaglia

"Cià c'am va" children’s trails, Maloja and Bregaglia

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These short trails are lots of fun with toddlers, too, whether with buggies or on foot at a leisurely pace. They have been specially adapted to a child’s view of the world, offering lots to talk about and plenty of topics designed to appeal to young children.

The project is called Cià c'am va, which in the dialect of the Val Bregaglia roughly translates as “Come on, let’s go!”. Not that you need a special reason to be out and about when you’re in the Val Bregaglia! The Italian-speaking valley actually begins in Maloja in the Engadine and stretches as far as Castasegna; it is as naturally rugged and wild as it ever was when first captured on canvas by great artists such as Varlin, Giacometti and Segantini.

The selection of trails to choose from include:
-    Maloja Village – Silsersee [Lake Sils]: approx. 7 km there and back
-    Casaccia – Löbbia: approx. 2.5 km one way
-    Vicosoprano – Stampa: approx. 3.5 km one way
-    Bondo – Castasegna: approx. 4 km one way
-    Soglio – Carun: approx. 2 km there and back
-    Soglio – Dascciun: approx. 5 km there and back

The hiking times have been calculated to take account of the toddlers’ walking skills, but do not include breaks. There are also regional PostBus stops near each of the start and finish points.


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