Tickets for families

Tickets for families

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The valley terminal starts to shrink and the cabin swings merrily upwards. Just moments later the whole rabble is standing on the peak, staring open mouthed at the valley below and the breathtaking sea of summits all around.


  • For single trips either one parent or both parents pay the adult rate.
  • The oldest of the children (up to 17 years) pays the official children’s or youth rate.
  • The second child (up to 17 years) receives a 30% reduction on the children’s or youth rate.
  • Any further children (up to 17 years) ride for free.

Adults (from 18 years), Youth (13 - 17 years), Children (6-12 years)


  • Valid for single trips in the Corviglia / Piz Nair, Muottas Muragl / Alp Languard.
  • Only for people living in the same household (proof required).
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