Senda d'Inspiraziun, Muottas Muragl

Senda d'Inspiraziun, Muottas Muragl

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Immediately above the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl, a short circular path, the Senda d’Inspiraziun, provides breathtaking views and lets you discover moving art as well as the world’s
most accurate sun dial. Let yourself be amazed by this brief journey of inspiration.


Il Guot, Timo Lindner, 2007

“Il Guot” – Romansh for “the drop” – is a unique work of art created by Timo Lindner to mark the centenary of the Muottas Muragl funicular railway. The drop, which is made of natural stone and mortar and coated in white
marble, symbolises water in all its various forms, from rain to ice to snow. This work is typical of Lindner’s art, which is rudimentary and archaic, and reflects things normally regarded as commonplace in an out-of-the-ordinary way.


Cruscheda, Curdin Niggli, 2007

The iron sculpture, “Cruscheda”, was a gift from the municipality of Samedan to Engadin St. Moritz Mountains to mark the centenary of the Muottas Muragl funicular railway. Just one railway track, yet two carriages are still able to cross by each other. Thanks to the determination to make the impossible happen and an unwavering pioneering spirit, Grisons’ first tourist panoramic car went into operation on 9 August 1907, after over a year of construction delays. The funicular had to overcome a distance of 2,201 metres and a 56% gradient to reach the peak at 2,456m above sea level.


SINE SOLE SILEO, Fred Bangerter, 2011

Up here, the power of the sun has long played an important role. Muottas Muragl is one of the sunniest spots in Switzerland, and the first plus-energy hotel in the Alps, the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl, opened here in December 2010. In summer 2011, the most accurate sundial in the world was installed on the mountainside. SINE SOLE SILEO (Latin for “without the sun, I fall silent”) shows the time to an accuracy of just 10 seconds. Come and see for yourself how incredibly precise this sundial is. More information


Bernina Glaciers, Ramon Zangger, 2013

With this magnificent panorama over the Upper Engadin lake plateau, it is easy to oversee other outstanding vantage points. Take a seat in the sculpture, “Bernina Glaciers”, crafted from Engadin Swiss stone pine, and treat yourself to a short rest. Allow your eyes to wander across one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the Alps, the Bernina Massif. Besides the Piz Bernina (4,049 metres), you will discover a number of other splendid mountain peaks.


Ils Trais Piz, Fabian Forrer, 2013

The mountain viewer, “Ils Trais Piz”, constructed from Cor-Ten rusted steel, was the idea of Fabian Forrer, a member of the technical staff at Engadin St. Moritz Mountains. With so many awe-inspiring mountain peaks, it is difficult to remember all their names. But we can promise you one thing: from now on, you will always be able to recall the world-famous, ice- and snow-covered Bianco ridge of the Piz Bernina (4,049 metres), the Piz Julier (3,380 metres) and the Piz Ot (3,246 metres). Take a look for yourself!



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