Muntatsch TimeTrack

Muntatsch TimeTrack

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A 3.4km uphill course between Samedan and Alp Muntatsch. A different in altitude of 420 metres. And every second counts. You stamp your card at the start and set off along the track – on your bike, jogging or Nordic walking. When you arrive up at Alp Muntatsch, you stamp your card again. A few days later, you can go online to to see your time and ranking for the week or month, or even your position on the league table. And see how just a few seconds can make all the difference.

Altitude difference:

Muntarütsch shooting range, Samedan (1,772m)
Alp Muntatsch, Samedan (2,186m)


Further information:

Samedan Tourist Information
Engadin St. Moritz
CH-7503 Samedan
T +41 81 851 00 60
F +41 81 851 00 66

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