The Swiss National Park is home to 30 species of mammal and more than 100 species of bird. It covering an area of 170 sq. km (66 sq. miles), is the country's only national park and comprises a particularly impressive stretch of untouched Alpine landscape.


It is not easy to differentiate between the male and female chamois.

The Bearded Vulture

As far as wing-spans go.

Alpine Ibex

It is not without good reason that the Alpine Ibex was chosen to adorn the Graubünden coat of arms.


There are 14 species in this genus.

Red Deer

The red deer is the largest native mammal living in the wild, which has given rise to its sobriquet of the “King of the Forest”.

Spotted Nutcracker

The Spotted Nutcracker is the symbol of the Swiss National Park.

The Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle ‒ the “King of the Air”.

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