Mountainbike-Tour Corviglia / Olympia Flow Trail

Mountainbike-Tour Corviglia / Olympia Flow Trail

Engadin St. Moritz is now offering mountain bikers an attractive new run: the Corviglia Flowtrail. This flowing downhill pump track has been harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape. Flow and fun are the key factors when using the trail. It leads from Corviglia (top station) via Sass Runzöl and Alp Nova down to Chantarella (middle station). But the new flow trail is not just something to be tackled by proficient bikers - families will love it, too. Flow trail fans can use the Corviglia mountain transport systems to transport their bike from St. Moritz Dorf to Corviglia. The new flow trail is perfect as a warm-up exercise before undertaking a more extensive tour or as a spectacular finish to one of the numerous mountain bike tours on the Corviglia.

Trail rating

Scenic beauty 5 (0-5)
Technical difficulty 3 (0-5)
Physical difficulty 1 (0-5)

Tour dates

Max. altitude:
3.7 km
1 m
0.5 h
2486 above sea level

Region: St. Moritz

Starting point: St. Moritz, Corviglia, top station

Places along the route: Corviglia (top station) - Sass Runzöl - Chantarella (middle station)

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