Wanderung Muottas Muragl - Segantini hut - Pontresina

Wanderung Muottas Muragl - Segantini hut - Pontresina

Follow in the footsteps of the famous artist, Giovanni Segantini, to one of the most beautiful vantage points in the Upper Engadin. The spectacular journey up Muottas Muragl already hints at the panorama that awaits at the top. «As I paint Nature, will I be able to give her the illumination that lends life to the paint?» It was in search of this light that Segantini climbed up to the Schafberg and to the mountain hut there. This well-marked, but in places steep, route will take surefooted hikers from the Muottas Muragl mountain station (2,456m/8,057ft) up to the place where Giovanni Segantini died. From the Segantini hut (2,731m/8,960ft), there is a breathtaking view of the incomparable Engadin lake plateau and the Bernina Massif. After a snack to replenish your energy, you will be able tackle the steep descent along the Climate Trail and down to Alp Languard, from where the chairlift will whisk you back down to Pontresina in no time at all.

Trail rating

Scenic beauty 5 (0-5)
Technical difficulty 3 (0-5)
Physical difficulty 2 (0-5)

Tour dates

Max. altitude:
6.4 km
391 m
3.5 h
2731 above sea level

Region: St. Moritz

Starting point: Punt Muragl

Places along the route: Punt Muragl - Muottas Muragl - Munt da la Bês-cha - Chna Segantini - Alp Languard - Pontresina

Variants: Option A: Instead of following the steep descent along the Climate Trail, you can opt for the less exposed, zigzag trail below the Segantini hut to the lower part of the Schafberg, and then via the high-altitude trail to Alp Languard.

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