Hiking tour Maloja - Lunghin watershed

Hiking tour Maloja - Lunghin watershed

The hiking trail starts between the Hotel Maloja Palace and the post office, and snakes higher and higher up the steep mountainside, past Pila. It is worth taking a rest now and again to delight in the wonderful views over the Upper Engadin lake plateau and the magnificent Engadin and Bregaglia mountain peaks. After numerous loops in the trail, you will reach the Lägh dal Lunghin, where the path follows the lake shore before rising again to the Lunghin Pass. There is a three-way watershed here: the Inn, which flows through the Engadin and joins with the Danube to empty into the Black Sea; the Julia, which flows into the North Sea with the Rhine, and the Maira, which converges with the Po and then flows into the Adriatic.The route continues across a high plateau to the Septimer Pass, which was used by the Romans. You can still see traces of the ruts caused by their ox carts. At first, the trail slopes gently down, then descends steeply to the river. If you follow the alp road, you will reach Casaccia.

Trail rating

Scenic beauty 4 (0-5)
Technical difficulty 3 (0-5)
Physical difficulty 4 (0-5)

Tour dates

Max. altitude:
13.7 km
842 m
5.75 h
2645 above sea level

Region: St. Moritz

Starting point: Maloja, Hotel Palace

Places along the route: Maloja - Pila - Lägh dal Lunghin - Septimerpass - Casaccia

Variants: Variante A: If you are still fit and are steady on your feet, you can take a detour to Piz Lunghin (blue/white Alpine hike).

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