Wanderung Val Trupchun in the Swiss National Park

Wanderung Val Trupchun in the Swiss National Park

During the mating season at the end of September, you can see many red deer in Val Trupchun and hear their rutting bellows from far across the valley. At other times of the year, you can also encounter other animals, such as deer, chamois, ibex and marmots.The hike starts at the Prasüras car park, which can be reached by bus. From there, take the hiking trail on the right, which leads behind the BBQ site into the forest. At the first fork, head left in the direction of the Swiss National Park. At the Punt da Scrins bridge, follow the road up to the right until the hiking trail curves off to the left, and after a short time you will find yourself back in the National Park. Proceed into the valley by way of the high-lying route. If you have sharp eyes or a pair of binoculars, as well as a little patience, you might spot some chamois, deer or ibex; in addition, there are often eagles and - if you are lucky - even bearded vultures, circling in the skies overhead. The valley is also interesting from a geological point of view. The trail then runs down to Ova da Trupchun, which you cross via a wooden bridge, and meets up with the valley trail. If you follow this trail back down into the valley, after a short distance you will come across the first resting place, surrounded by marmots, which you can watch at play. The second resting place is further back at Alp Trupchun; here you can see wild animals for miles around. The return route follows the valley trail to the Varusch park hut, and then continues along the road to the Prasüras car park.

Trail rating

Scenic beauty 4 (0-5)
Technical difficulty 1 (0-5)
Physical difficulty 2 (0-5)

Tour dates

Max. altitude:
13.1 km
445 m
6.5 h
2040 above sea level

Region: St. Moritz

Starting point: Prasüras, car park

Places along the route: Prasüras - Val da Scrings - Alp Trupchun - Parkhütte Varusch - Prasüras

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Dogs are not allowed on this route. In Switzerland's largest nature reserve, it is not permitted to leave the marked trails and designated rest areas.

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