Wanderung La Punt - Madulain Forest Trail

Wanderung La Punt - Madulain Forest Trail

There are 34 different species of plants, trees and shrubs, each marked by wooden posts and little green name plates, waiting to be discovered along the La Punt-Madulain forest nature trail. The animal life native to the Engadin also put in an appearance: along the trail are 11 large wooden statues carved by artists from indigenous tree trunks, nine of them depicting native animals. The nature trail takes you along forest paths, on beaten tracks and across stretches of meadow, and is suitable for regular walkers and children. You can start from either end, and maybe take a break at the picnic area, with its fountain and the wooden figures of Gian and Eulalia for company. The nature trail starts outside La Punt, on the edge of the forest as you head towards Zuoz.

Trail rating

Scenic beauty 2 (0-5)
Technical difficulty 1 (0-5)
Physical difficulty 1 (0-5)

Tour dates

Max. altitude:
2.4 km
138 m
1.25 h
1830 above sea level

Region: St. Moritz

Starting point: La Punt Chamues-ch

Places along the route: La Punt Chamues-ch - Godet Dadour - Stevel - La Punt Chamues-ch

The nature trail is not suitable for pushchairs.

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