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Perfect weather conditions and a top level at the 4 Star TTR Slopestyle Final of the Engadinsnow on Mount Corvatsch, Silvaplana Switzerland.

An exciting Slopestyle Snowboard Final at the Ticket to Ride Tour in one of the biggest Snowparks in Europe on Mount Corvatsch, Silvaplana Switzerland. The perfectly shaped Slopestyle was a creative challenge for the 30 finalist who were presenting a thrilling show on top level.

The final of the 4 Star TTR at the Engadinsnow was won with a sensational run by Nuutti Niemelä from Finland. The winner’s run contained following tricks: On the first jump, the biggest kicker of the slopestyle, with a gap of 18 meters Nuutti showed a backside 1080° indy grab. On the second obstacle a frontside 540° Indy Nosebone and on the third kicker he showed a frontside 1080° mute grab. On the last obstacle before the finish, a spine, he showed a backside 360° stalefish grab. With a score of 96.8 points he won the competition well-deserved and with a big lead of 12.6 points ahead of runner-up Matthias Vogt from Germany, who also showed a spectacular run: starting with a switch frontside 900° indy grab on the first kicker, followed by a backside 720° backside grab and a frontside 900° nute grab on the following obstacles. Matthias finished his run with a high and stylish backside air.
The third place was taken by the upcoming swiss youngster David Hablützel from Zurich. He started his run with a Switch Backside 900° mute grab. On the next two impressive kickers he stood out with a backside 720° indy grab, a frontside 360° stalefish grab and on the spine he showed a frontside rodeo 540° backside grab. The winner of the ladies was Abby Lockhart from New Zealand who managed to collect important points at the 4 star TTR event for the World Tour ranking. She showed the jury a good run and won ahead of the best swiss rider Tina Ramholt on second place.

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