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World class freeriders and freestylers in the Engadin for the 10 year anniversary of the ENGADINSNOW including a world premiere!

The organizing committee of the ENGADINSNOW has come up with a very special idea for the 10th edition of this year’s event. The winners of the past 10 years compete in an Invitational Freeride Event. Also the ENGADINSNOW presents the world premiere of the Parallel Freeride Contest which includes two riders taking on the slopes of the Corvatsch Mountain at the same time. The winner is determined and goes on to the next round until the winner of the knockout phase have been found.

The freeriders of the Freeride World Tour Qualifiers are starting off this year’s event. For the World Qualifier 160 freeriders have been selected. The Qualifier Event will take place at the Fuorcla Face of Corvatsch Mountain. In this event the riders try gaining as many points as possible to reach a top spot in the annual ranking.
On the weekend of the 28th/29th of January 2012 the highlight of this year’s Freeride Contest is taking place. The winners of the past 10 years are invited to compete on the North Face of the Corvatsch. Spectacular scenes and breathtaking action is guaranteed. There are some big names in the lineup such as Aurélien Ducroz the current world champion and winner of the ENGADINSNOW 2006, Henrik Windstedt (SWE) who won the ENGADINSNOW event in 2011, Sverre Lilliequist also from Sweden who won the event in 2003 and 2004, Stefan Häusl from Austria and Sam Smoothy from New Zealand who won the event in 2010. Starting for the snowboarders is 2003 Engadinsnow champion Todd Mason (AUS), Flo Örley (AUT) who is currently the second best freerider in the world and winner of the ENGADINSNOW events in 2006 and 2009, Jose Carron the Swiss local who won the event in 2010 and Max Zipser from Austria who won the ENGADINSNOW in 2008.

Furthermore the event is presenting a world premiere, the Parallel Freeride Contest. Two riders have their run at the same time and only the winner goes on to the next round. This unique Freeride Contest is taking place separately in the lower parts of the North Face of Corvatsch Mountain.

Kickers and other obstacles are being built into the slope so that an interesting playground is created for the freeriders. In addition to the winners of the past Engadinsnow events other legends from the sports scene are present at this year’s edition of the event. This includes Olympic gold medallist Tanja Frieden, extreme athlete Ueli Kestenholz, Björn Dunkerbeck who has won the Windsurfing World Cup 41 times and local hero Michi Albin from the Engadin.
This spectacle will prove to be one of this season’s highlights in the Freeride scene and also for the spectators at Corvatsch Mountain in the Engadin.

From the 30th of January 2012 the ENGADINSNOW has its full focus on the freestylers. The best snowboarders in the world can prove their skill as a part of the Swatch Ticket to Ride (TTW) World Tour in the discipline of Slopestyle from the 30.01. until the 02.02. After this the Slopestyle Contest of the freeskiers is taking place from the 03.02. until the 05.02. This year’s edition is being sanctioned by the Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) and is a gold event of the Swisscom Freeski Tour in Switzerland. Slopestyle is about to have its big break through and has its premiere in the Olympic program as part of the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.

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