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Exhibiton Art Boutique Hotel Monopol, St. Moritz


Robert Mars, contemporary artist. Born 1969
6th floor - Wellavista, Hotel entrance and Bar & Lounge.
Robert Mars’ artwork chronicles an evolving fascination with the Golden Age of American popular culture and celebrates the icons of the 1950’s and 60’s by taking inspiration from this culture long past. Through the application of a rich colour palette and tongue-in-cheek attitude, Mars’ paintings evoke a vintage quality of design and pay homage to the idealized age of growth and hopefulness that was prevalent in the USA at the end of the Depression.

Marc Quinn, contemporary artist. Born 1964
6th floor – Wellavista
Marc Quinn is a British artist and one of a loose group known as the Young British Artists. He is known for Alison Lapper Pregnant (a sculpture of Alison Lapper which has been installed on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square), Self (a sculpture of his head made with his own frozen blood), and Garden (2000).

Rainer Lagemann, contemporary artist. Born 1959
Exterior facade Art Boutique Hotel Monopol Schulhausplatz, hotel entrance and Bar & Lounge
Rainer Lagemann creates modern metal sculptures from small steel squares. He welds steel squares into modern interpretations of the human body or abstract variations of contemporary sculptures.

Hunt Slonem, contemporary artist. Born 1951
Restaurant MONO floor -1
Hunt Slonem is an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker. He is best known for his Neo-Expressionist paintings of tropical birds, often based on a personal aviary in which he has been keeping from 30 to over 100 live birds of various species. Slonem's works are included in many important museum collections all over the world.

Other art works on the floors and in the rooms
Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) 5th floor
Joan Miro (1893 – 1983) 4th floor
Marc Chagall (1887 – 1985) 3rd floor
Alberto Giacometti (1901 – 1966) 2nd floor
Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989) 1st floor


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