Engadin St. Moritz in 48 Hours


4.00 pm - Take a deep breath, please!

The Engadin inspires and relaxes. So take a deep breath and unwind. You could take, for instance, a relaxing stroll to the Landhotel Meierei with its fantastic view of the Lake of St. Moritz. The familiar scent of the Swiss stone pine trees floats gently on the breeze coming across the deep-blue lake, and all your troubles are already completely forgotten. It sure is nice to be here.

6.00 pm - Scintillating moments

The evening sun bathes St. Moritz in golden light; it is the perfect moment to go hunting for the legendary diamonds of the Alps. In the village centre, view the dazzling old structures, like Chesa Veglia (a farmhouse from the year 1658), while Chesa Futura from the famous British architect, Norman Foster, with its façade of 250,000 larch shingles, rises up from the rooftops. Via Maistra pulsates with village life, while above on the hill stands the unmistakable landmark, the leaning tower of St. Moritz, which was erected in the 12th century. Just a few metres further on, the newly renovated, historical ice pavilion in the park of the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz presents itself under the name of the Kulm Country Club and invites guests to its exclusive pop-up restaurant.

6.30 pm - On the exclusive tour

Opposite the leaning tower is the legendary Kulm Hotel, the first luxury hotel in the Alps, opened by Johannes Badrutt in 1856. Especially for non-guests, having a look into one of the five-star hotels is worthwhile, as each has a character of its very own: Kulm Hotel is discretely elegant, the Suvretta House distinctly British, Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, both poised yet leisurely, and Badrutt’s Palace, which is thoroughly epicurean. Finally, there is the dominant Via Serlas: the world’s biggest outdoor luxury shopping mall, which leads from the village centre to the train station and is where all the most famous designer labels can be found.

7.30 pm - Champagne feeling in the champagne climate

It’s high time for an aperitif, for example, in one of the legendary 5-star hotels, which are more abundant here than anywhere else. It is hard to sip champagne in a more stylish manner. And besides, a bit of what one fancies does one good.

8.30 pm - Tasteful Engadin

There is plenty happening here in summer, but one is more likely to get a table in the most popular restaurants than in winter. Like in Chesa Veglia, for example. The nobly rustic meeting spot for aficionados and nighthawks is sure to leave nothing to be desired. Similarly, with regional specialities in an extremely cosy atmosphere, there is the simple restaurant, Engiadina Innfall, also highly adored among the locals.


8.30 am - Like the wind to Val Fex

An especially imposing experience is seeing the Engadin from the saddle of a bicycle, and is even easier on your legs with an e-bike: these can be delivered directly to one’s hotel. In the pure Engadin air, you can go with the day’s first rays of sunshine, gliding along the Lake of Silvaplana to Sils and further to mystical Val Fex. The natural smells of the earth, the forest and the aromatic Swiss stone pines will fill your senses, and with the support of the electric motor, the ride is easy and enjoyable – almost like flying.

11.00 am - Yummy!

Homemade apple pie! Nowhere does it taste better than in the Hotel Sonne, Val Fex. It is especially delicious with coffee or tea, and the unique view will bedazzle your eyes and bring a smile to your face. With this boost of motivation, you can coast on the ever lightly descending road back to Sils, the once chosen hometown of the famous philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.

12.00 pm - Nietzsche’s memorial plaque

For Nietzsche, there was no more inspiring place than the Chasté Peninsula on the Lake of Sils. This is the place where he completed his most famous philosophical text, Thus Spoke Zarathustra. There is now a memorial plaque which has been affixed to a small rock outcropping on this peninsula – which, by the way, is also considered the most beautiful place on Earth by many local residents. You can leave your e-bike at the fork in the trail as you embark on this short philosophical stroll on foot.

1.00 pm - Gourmet paradise

From the Chasté Peninsula, it’s just a few pedal strokes till lunchtime. A culture of indulgence of the highest orders is offered by Restaurant Spunta Engiadina, which has been rewarded with 14 Gault Millau points. Or, for something a bit humbler, consider stopping at Hotel Chesa Silva’s bistro, which offers a good spread and a charming, relaxed atmosphere.

2.30 pm - Up in the air!

The Lake of Silvaplana is a veritable kitesurfing and sailing paradise. For anyone interested in trying their hand at kitesurfing, the Kitesurf Centre has not only the perfect equipment for hire, but can also pass on essential know-how. Prepare for take-off!

7.00 pm - Charming prospects

The restaurant Bellavista in Surlej is hard to beat in terms of charm and romance: behind the Lake of Silvaplana are the majestic mountains, and on the plate regional dishes that will make your mouth water. An especially beautiful sounding name, the Bellavista has put itself on the map with its dishes from Engadin game animals. Dishes which now, fortunately, are available the year round.


9.00 am - A sweet way to start the day

Resistance is futile: anyone who has sipped a hot-chocolate in one of the famous St. Moritz cafés, Hauser or Hanselmann, is always drawn back. It is advisable to take one of the legendary Engadin nut cakes with you, so you can savour the memories of your trip to the Engadin bite for bite from home. But for now, at any rate, it’s thankfully not time to go home yet – but rather to Pontresina.

10.00 am - The best from above

The legendary red cable car conveys its passengers leisurely to the panorama vantage point upon Muottas Muragl – and into an alpine wonderland, whose equal in terms of luxury can hardly be found elsewhere. Take in the enchanting view of the shimmering Engadin lakes. The Panorama Trail - which, like so much up here, gets 5-stars for quality - leads in two and a half hours without any significant ascents or descents to Alp Languard. By the way, the Romantic Hotel on Muottas Muragl is the first and only Plus-energy hotel in the Alps, and generates annually, more electricity than it consumes.

1.00 pm - The climax

Looking toward the Bernina Massif, you will reach Alp Languard, whose mountain restaurant offers another stunning view and enticement for all your senses. The chances are good that you will also catch sight of an ibex, the rugged and stoic alpine mountain goats, somewhere along the way. From summer 2017, the ibex paradise of Pontresina delights children with a close-to-nature adventure playground that focuses on movement. Various information panels, an ibex tour up to the Paradies mountain hut and an exhibition next to the summit station tell visitors about the wild ibexes that can be observed in Pontresina in spring. Tip: give the giant custard confection, the crèmschnitte, a try!

3.00 pm - The fragrance of the Engadin

Afterwards, take a seat on the chairlift, and enjoy once more the gigantic view as you descend into Pontresina. The last stage of this day of hiking: in the meadows of the Staz Forest, take a moment to once again top off your lungs with the potpourri of larch and Swiss stone pine trees. Perhaps there will even be enough time to refresh your feet and calves in the Lej da Staz. Much too soon, that little red train of the Rhaetian Railway will carry you back to your day-to-day.

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