Where should I board?

Passengers in possession of a valid ticket (single ticket, Guest Travel Pass, Inter-Regional Season Ticket, Swiss General Abonnement, ski pass bearing the inscription ‘Bus/RhB’) can board the bus via the middle or rear doors.

Passengers requiring a ticket should board the bus at the front. However, we request that wherever possible you purchase your ticket in advance from a ticket office or ticket machine; this saves time and helps us to keep to the bus schedules.

Skis and sports equipment

You can take your skis and other sports equipment with you into the bus or train compartment. Generally, there are special ski racks or storage spaces available.

Services to the cable car valley stations

The buses only stop at the cable car stations, Bernina Lagalb (winter), Bernina Diavolezza (winter), Surlej Corvatsch and Sils/Segl Furtschella, while these are in operation.

Local buses (Ortsbus)

The local Tourist Information offices will provide you with details of the local bus services to the rail- and cableway stations, ski lifts and cross-country ski trails in Zuoz, Samedan, Celerina, Silvaplana and Sils. 

Ticket control

Random checks are carried out on ENGADIN BUS services, local St. Moritz buses (Ortsbus), PostAuto postal buses and, to a certain extent, on RhB trains. Travellers without a valid ticket will be required to pay a surcharge of CHF 80.-

General public holidays

  • 3rd April 2015 (Good Friday)
  • 5th April 2015 (Easter Sunday)
  • 6th April 2015 (Easter Monday)
  • 14th May 2015 (Ascension Day)
  • 24th May 2015 (Whitsun)
  • 25th May 2015 (Whit Monday)
  • 1st August 2015 (Swiss National Day)
  • 25th December 2015 (Christmas Day)
  • 26th December 2015 (Boxing Day)
  • 01st January 2016 (New Year's Day)

Interregional Season Tickets

The following travel passes are valid on ENGADIN BUS services, the local bus network (Ortsbus) in St. Moritz, and PostAuto postal buses:

  • Swiss General Abonnement (GA)
  • Swiss Half-Fare Card (Halbtax-Abonnement)
  • Graubünden General Abonnement (Bündner Generalabonnement)
  • Family Cards (Junior Card, Grandchild Card)
  • Swiss Pass

The following travel passes are NOT valid on ENGADIN BUS services, the local bus network (Ortsbus) in St. Moritz, or PostAuto postal buses:

  • Track 7 pass
  • Eurail Pass
  • Euro Domino
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