Vision & Mission

Our vision

It is our objective to make Engadin St. Moritz the best-known and most desirable holiday destination in the Alps.

Our mission
Our unique natural assets – our mountains, our lakes and our light – form a spectacular backdrop for memorable experiences. Active and passive recreation, sport, culture and gastronomy are the fields in which our bid to perform at the highest level can be witnessed and experienced.

Hospitality 365 days a year – this attitude of mind pervades the entire valley and makes guests want to return to the Upper Engadin over and over again. We combine our qualities to create a clearly defined awareness in the market. Our respect and esteem extends to people, the landscape, and the flora and fauna.

As the leading tourism team in the Alps, we are ambassadors for and promoters of this uniqueness. We create a suitable platform to market the service providers. As a network, we direct and consolidate their strengths and effectively convey messages and appropriate signals to selected markets.

Our guiding principles

The vision as a compass
Everything that we do is aimed at attaining our vision. The purpose of our services is to create added value for the destination through sustainable tourist development.

Goals as yardsticks
Our plans and actions are geared towards qualitative and quantitative marketing goals. The attainment of measurable targets shows us that we are on the right path.

Marketing as an attitude

We see ourselves and our market-oriented behaviour and activities as part of an integrated process. Our services, pricing, publicity, sales, sales promotion and distribution are all interlinked and share a common approach.  Together with our partners, we develop services of the highest quality for our guests. Equally important for us is the effective publicising of these services in the appropriate media, through the relevant platforms and in the targeted markets.

Our brands are our assets!

Services can be imitated, but brands are unique. Our label, Engadin St. Moritz, and our brand, St. Moritz, are our most important assets. We undertake everything in our power to increase, maintain and preserve the strength and value of these brands.

Quality as a goal and an obligation
We measure the quality of our activities in five target dimensions: brand strength, economics, innovation, society and staff. We always understand demands for quantity as matters relating to quality or restriction. We consider it important to constantly improve the quality of our customer-oriented services at every level possible.

Competition as a spur to achievement
For us, competition is the driving force for outstanding achievement. It encourages us to increase our strengths and focus on the areas in which we can create a competitive advantage. Our performance, our presence in the market and our conduct should strengthen our image to such an extent that we can expand our share of the market and further enhance our reputation.

Esteem and respect
Our conduct towards people and nature alike is characterised by respect and a sense of responsibility. Fairness in all our dealings is an overriding priority for us despite the ever-present pressure to perform. We treat our unique landscape with great awe and reverence.
Strengthening our competence through learning

We see ourselves as a dynamic system, an organisation that is constantly learning. Our culture of outstanding achievement extends to all our dealings, both internal and external. Our curiosity and our eagerness to learn keep us at the forefront of new developments.

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