A perfect pair

A new brand strategy for both Engadin St. Moritz und St. Moritz was defined parallel to yet independently from each other. The workshop teams responsible comprised service providers and politicians from the entire destination, as well as representatives from the Engadin St. Moritz Tourism Organisation. At the end of the branding process, the two strategies were harmonised. The process was supervised by branding specialists from the company, Brand:Trust. The aim of this branding process is to define more clearly the identity and usage of the two brands.

Common core values
So-called “core values” were developed, constituting the key cornerstone of the future brand strategy. These define the areas of excellence offered by the two brands and enjoy a high level of credibility. The qualities identified for St. Moritz are: high-alpine, cosmopolitan, sports-loving, entrepreneurial, glamorous, rooted in tradition and lively. The Engadin embodies the core values: high-alpine, cosmopolitan, sports-loving, rich in contrasts, Southern flair, inspiring, high-class and authentic. The aspects, high-alpine, cosmopolitan and sports-loving, apply to both brands.

Common core values Engadin St. Moritz

High aims
In the branding process, a number one positioning was determined for both St. Moritz and the Engadin: “The most scintillating Alpine destination in the world” and “The inspiring, wide, high-lying valley in the Alps” respectively. Together, these give the following, all-embracing positioning statement for the Engadin St. Moritz region: “With its magical light in the wide, high-lying valley and high-class activities and services that are rich in contrast, together with the most scintillating Alpine destination in the world, Engadin St. Moritz offers inspiration for nature, sports and culture lovers, and a stage for its glamorous guests”.

Positioning Engadin St. Moritz


Brand card

Living the brands
In order to firmly anchor the brand identity, in a first phase, the knowledge about the St. Moritz and Engadin St. Moritz brands will be consolidated from the inside outwards. As a result, the focus will primarily be placed on the people who work with the brands by heightening their awareness of exactly what the brands represent. To ensure that the brands are not merely defined, but also firmly anchored and actively lived, brand rules were drawn up. These enable all those concerned to constantly check that they are conforming to the brand identity and subsequently to make any necessary adjustments. The long-term implementation of the brand strategy was set under way at the official winter kick-off event on 16 December 2009.

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