"Mountain Dining" on Muottas Muragl

"Mountain Dining" on Muottas Muragl

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For many, there are no finer views of the Upper Engadin valley than those from Muottas Muragl, long a source of inspiration for poets, writers and artists – and of delight for guests. The most memorable way to enjoy them is at one of the spectacular sunsets, followed by “mountain dining” at the panoramic restaurant, home to mouth-watering gourmet cuisine. Incidentally, the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl is also the first hotel in the Alps to be self-sufficient in power – another way in which this is a place of very special energy.


  • Advance reservation desirable
  • Last valley descent at 23:00

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Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG
Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl
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