Ortstext Samedan EN Winter

Ortstext Samedan EN Winter

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The trim capital of the Upper Engadin is not only the region’s political centre, but also the focus for the traditional Engadin way of life.

Samedan owes its importance to its location at the heart of the Engadin: the town serves as a hub for the Rhaetian Railway, as well being home to a small international airport – a prized launch site for glider pilots. The Badrutt family, which went on to write hotel history in St. Moritz, originated here; among many historic features is the magnificent 16th-century Chesa Planta, while new additions include the “vertical” mineral baths.

The picturesque town with its stately traditional Engadin houses may appear idyllic, but the charm is genuine: local people (and two museums) ensure that traditional Engadin culture is very much alive here. From Samedan, visitors can quickly reach all parts of the Engadin – including the summit of the local mountain, Muottas Muragl, from which the sublime views are a highlight of the region. New up here is the first hotel in the Alps to be self-sufficient in energy: the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl.


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