Winter walk in the Val Roseg

Winter walk in the Val Roseg

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The traffic-free Val Roseg is so peaceful that chamois and deer come out of the forest and watch with curiosity the walkers for whom an idyllic winter walking path has been laid here. The easy walk through the sleepy valley leads as far as the Restaurant Roseg Gletscher (“Roseg Glacier”), known for its regional specialities – and famous for its legendary dessert buffet.

You will also find a “taxi stand” of horse-drawn sleighs here – for those wishing to add a suitably romantic conclusion to their adventure in the Val Roseg. 

Start: Pontresina railway station
Finish: Hotel Restaurant Roseg Gletscher
Distance: approx. 7 km (4.3 miles) each way
Hiking time: approx. 2 hours each way
Altitude difference: 200 m (656 ft)


Hotel Restaurant Roseg Gletscher
Val Roseg
7504 Pontresina
T +41 81 842 64 45
F +41 81 842 68 86

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