Cross-country skiing in the valley in Engadin St. Moritz

The variety of landscapes is as unique as the trail quality is outstanding – what better place to enjoy cross-country skiing at its finest? The network of both classic and skating trails in Engadin St. Moritz covers up to 230 km of stunning circuits – and that includes the 42 most famous kilometres in Switzerland: the course of the Engadin Ski Marathon between Maloja and S-chanf. Besides the marathon trail there is also plenty of exciting cross-country skiing on offer on the groomed sections of the 35 km ‘La Pachifica’ trail or its big sister, the 65 km ‘La Diagonela’ trail.

Engadin Ski Marathon trail (Maloja – S-chanf)
Engadin Ski Marathon trail (Maloja – S-chanf)
With 12,000 participants, the Engadin Ski Marathon is the second biggest cross-country ski race worldwide.
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