La Pachifica classic style cross-country skiing trail

La Pachifica classic style cross-country skiing trail

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La Pachifica means the ‘easy-going one’ in Romansh, and this shorter version of the race has been described as the Diagonela’s ‘kid sister’.

The cross-country trail covering 35 km begins in Pontresina and leads into the idyllic valley setting of the Val Roseg. As it follows the river Inn to S-chanf the trail is certainly more easy-going. From S-chanf to Zuoz there is a slightly more demanding uphill section towards the end before competitors are able to enjoy the finishing line in the historical village setting of Zuoz.

La Pachifica is the ideal entry-level race before tackling La Diagonela at a later stage. It’s a course that appeals to everyone, from classic-style beginners to more ambitious cross-country skiers.

The trail is groomed specifically for the event. Sections of the trail can also be used during the entire winter:


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