Yoga on Snow - The first yoga piste in the world

Yoga on Snow - The first yoga piste in the world

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The word “yoga” means “union” or “integration”. These days, we are increasingly losing the connection between our mind and our body; we are distancing ourselves from nature and no longer know what we should believe in. Yoga provides us with various tools to enable us to find our own inner path.

Yoga on Snow

“Yoga on Snow” is a unique new way of relaxing and is performed at predefined points along the ski piste. It aims to help us learn:
-    to be consciously aware of the beautiful natural landscape.
-    to promote a relaxed feeling of physical well-being.
-    to find inner peace.
-    to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and stimulate new life energy.

Flyer Yoga on Snow


The first yoga piste in the world

The world's first yoga piste is located on the Paradiso piste on Corviglia. There are four fixed points on the mountainside where Yoga on Snow can be practised either independently or under professional guidance. The exercises focus on consciously slowing down and achieving a different, calmer skiing rhythm. The aim is that participants should experience the sport of skiing in a more intensive manner.

Four fixed points for Yoga on Snow

Eight different Yoga on Snow exercises, for example:




Life energy
(breathing and balance)


Sun (harmonising breathing
and movement) 


the Warrior Pose
(strength and willpower) 

Yoga on Snow with professional instruction

The Suvretta Snowsports School offers weekly Yoga on Snow courses led by an experienced yoga snow sport instructor. Further information:


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