Media policy

We provide professional assistance to media representatives to aid them with their research. In line with our marketing and PR strategy, priority is given to media representatives from the following 17 markets:

Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, UK, France, Japan, Russia, USA, Luxemburg, Skandinavia, GCC, China, India, Brazil, Czech Republic and Poland.

In order to be able to provide optimal assistance, we require the following information in advance:

Information on:

  • The specific research topic
  • The full address of the journalist or his/her commissioning client
  • The anticipated publication date of the article/report
  • Press and/or photographer ID card, as applicable
  • Media and circulation/UVPM

Advance notice is required as follows:

Requests from media representatives of travel editorials: 7 working days
TV teams from travel channels: at least 2 weeks

Requests should be addressed to:
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