Ötillö Swimrun Engadin

Ötillö Swimrun Engadin

Every day 7.7.2018 - 8.7.2018

Location: Lake Silvaplana, Silvaplana, Champfèr, Maloja, Sils i.E.

180 teams each consisting of 2 people have to swimm an run over 52 km from Maloja to the Lej da Staz and back to the finish line in Silvaplana.

180 team each consiting of 2 people start at 8 am in Maloja. On their way to the finish in Silvaplana they swim through 6 Mountain lakes and overcome around 1´450 meters of altitude. The course will be done alternately with swimming (6 km) and running (46 km). The athletes wear the same cloth through the entire race. After a total of 52 km and approximately 6.5 hours, the first team reaches the finish in Silvaplana.

Good places for spectators are in Sils at the peninsula Chasté, at Lej Suot in Silvaplana or after the Ice Skating arena in St. Moritz Bad.



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Gemeinde Silvaplana
Via Maistra 24
7513 Silvaplana
+41 81 838 70 90


Swimrun AG
Wolleraustrasse 15n
8807 Freienbach
+41 81 838 70 90

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