Tariff and Transportation Regulations

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Contractual conclusion

The tariff and transportation regulations form part of the transportation contract. They apply for the transportation of people and goods as well as for behaviour on the transportation facilities and in the piste regions of the mountain cable-/railway companies that are members of the association or group of the ENGADIN St. Moritz Mountain Pool. The fulfillment of the transportation contract and with it the effectiveness of the present tariff and transportation regulations commences with the arrival at, and ends with the departure from, the facility parts dedicated to the mountain cable-/railway company in question. By selling the ticket, the mountain cable-/railway companies commit themselves to transporting the legal ticket holder in accordance with these regulations. By purchasing the ticket, the travel guest acknowledges the following regulations and undertakes to comply with the same regulations..


The mountain cable-/railway companies offer transportation to legitimate ticket holders and the use of additional facility parts like pistes, provide that:
  • Transportation is not prevented by conditions that the mountain cable-/railway company is unable to avert or remedy. This also includes an impending overfilling of the skiing pistes made accessible by the mountain cable-/railways, which would in turn jeopardize the safety of its users..
  • The applicable legal statutes and transportation conditions as well as the regulations of the mountain cable-/railway companies formulated in the interests of safety and orderliness are complied with.

Operational stoppages

Operational stoppages and closures may take place at any time without prior notice on account of seasonal conditions due to technical, weather-related or safety problems. Such actions will under no circumstances constitute grounds for a refund.

Sales stoppage

The sale of tickets may be refused by the mountain cable-/railway companies and they are not obliged to provide reasons for such actions.

Tickets and passes

Tickets are valid for the respective open facilities within the group of the ENGADIN St. Moritz Mountain Pool for which they were purchased by the guest. The precise scope and duration of validity will depend on the respective offer. Individual tickets also entitle the use of additional transportation means belonging to third parties, or entitle the holder to receive reductions on the tickets for such means of transportation. The tariff and transportation regulations of the respective company shall apply. The ticket-issuing company of the ENGADIN St. Moritz Mountain Pool disclaims any liability and obligation in conjunction with usage on the facilities belonging to third parties. Tickets are personal, not transferable and not saleable to third parties. The purchase receipt/invoice for the respective ticket should always be kept and is the only binding proof of purchase in the case of complaints, refunds or the replacement of tickets. The ticket and a valid identification card with a photograph must be presented to mountain cable-/railway personnel at all times on demand. The ticket may be inspected for its validity and past usage. Inspections are carried out regularly in snow sports regions. Individual days on flexible multi-day passes are booked off as soon as the chip card comes within a distance of one meter of a reading station. Once days have been booked off, they can no longer be reinstated on the pass.


Unless otherwise indicated, ticket prices are in Swiss francs inclusive of value-added tax. Prices quoted in EURO are normally only guide prices. The price that must effectively be paid will depend on the daily exchange rate offered by the mountain cable-/railway on the day of purchase. Changes from the prices quoted in information literature like brochures and price lists remain expressly reserved. The prices displayed by the ticketing system of the mountain cable/railways are binding. The ticketing system calculates mixed prices where tickets are issued across seasonal cutoff dates.

Age categories

Children under the age of six and accompanied by a parent with a valid ticket travel free of charge. Exceptions are the valley ski-lifts Aela, Cristins, Provulèr, Languard, Survih and Müsella. Children aged 6 to 12 (who are required to provide identification) pay the children tariff. Young people aged 13 to 17 (who are required to provide identification) pay the youth tariff. The adult tariff applies for people from the age of 18. The age category applies on the date on which the ticket is issued. Exception: If, in the case of 2- and 3-year season tickets, the next higher age category is reached within the period of the season ticket, the higher price level becomes applicable when the season ticket is bought. Example: If a 12-year-old child wants to buy a 2-year season ticket prior to his or her 13th birthday, the youth tariff will be applied. A valid personal identification card with a photograph must be able to be shown to mountain cable-/railway personnel on request.

Group discounts

A group rebate is granted as from 15 simultaneously purchased tickets. The tickets must all have identical durations of validity and be valid from the same date. Entitlement to a discount only exists if all the tickets are ordered 24 hours in advance in writing from the issuing mountain cable-/railway ticket office. Ski-passes in combination with accommodation (packages) are not entitled to rebates.

ENGADINcard (data carriers for tickets)

The ENGADINcard is a data carrier that allows contact-free access to lifts and pistes. A card-holder can have him- or herself registered as an ENGADINcard member by signing the ENGADINcard and registering it with DMC ENGADINcard AG. The general business conditions of DMC ENGADINcard AG apply for the use of date. The ENGADINcard is issued for a fee of CHF 10.- (not a deposit!). Every issuing ticket office will buy the ENGADINcard back for CHF 10.- if:
  • the ENGADINcard is neither signed or damaged.
  • the owner gives the ENGADINcard back to the issuing ticket office within 72 hours after expiry of the booked ticket. Otherwise, the ENGADIN St. Moritz Mountain Pool is no longer obliged to take back the card against a refund.
  • The cardholder is with his card not ENGADINcard member (i.e. he is not registered at the DMC ENGADINcard AG)

Payment methods / General reductions

The tickets are sold in return for cash and payment by Maestro, Post and credit cards. EURO, USD and £ are normally accepted at the daily exchange rate. Change is provided in Swiss francs. The acceptance of other payment methods (e.g. REKA checks) is at the discretion of individual companies. Holders of special passes and season tickets, for example the SBB half-fare pass and general longer-term passes are not automatically entitled to receive general price reductions. The granting of reductions on presentation of certain passes and season tickets is at the discretion of individual companies.

Forgotten and lost tickets

People forgetting or losing their multi-day ticket should buy an ENGADIN St. Moritz Mountain Pool day or multi-day ticket from the desired ticket office of a mountain cable-/railway station. On presentation and completion of inspection for fares on the forgotten ticket, a refund will be given for the additionally-purchased ENGADIN St. Moritz Mountain Pool ticket from any ticket office of a mountain cable-/railway station. If the original card is lost, registered ENGADINcard members can obtain a replacement card and a refund for any tickets purchased additionally from the ENGADIN St. Moritz Mountain Pool by presenting the purchase receipt for the original card and having their membership validated at one of the ticket-offices. For holders of long-term passes with a photograph, the issue of a replacement pass and payment of any refund due takes places on presentation of the purchase receipt at any ticket office of a mountain cable-/railway station after the completed barring from use of the lost pass. An administration fee of CHF 15.– is payable in all cases. A receipt must always be signed by the customer whenever a refund is issued.

Accident, illness, death

A personal ticket which, because of accident or illness, can no longer be used must be handed in to the ticket office of a mountain cable-/railway as quickly as possible (a third party may also do this). Any due refunds are calculated from the day of ticket return and not the accident day; at the earliest however, from the first day on which the ticket was not used. A doctor’s certificate from a local doctor must be provided before a refund can be issued. In the case of a death in the family or of a direct relative, the ticket may be handed in to the ticket office of a mountain cable-/railway. A refund for the ticket can be issued after the obituary is handed in to the same ticket office. A receipt must always be signed by the customer whenever a refund is issued.

Travel without a valid ticket

Every instance of improper ticket use, including in particular the use of personal tickets that were issued to people other than the ticket carrier, or the use of tampered tickets will result in the immediate withdrawal of the respective ticket including the data carrier and will be regarded as travel without a valid ticket. Use of services of the mountain cableways (including facilities, ski-slopes, etc.) without a valid ticket will be officially penalised. Anyone who uses the services of the mountain cableways without a valid ticket must immediately pay not only the cost of a daily card but also a fine of CHF 110.- for the administrative work caused. If the ticket price and misuse penalty are not paid immediately, an additional payment of CHF 50.– as an administration fee will also become due. Inspections are carried out regularly in snow sports regions. The ticket/pass and a personal identification card with a photograph must be produced and shown at all times when requested by cable-/railway personnel.

Duty of care for the card-holder

The owner of the ski-pass is obliged to keep the card carefully and prevent any misuse of it. If the ski-pass is used unlawfully, the Company has the right to withdraw and destroy it without any refund of its price. The right of the Company to institute legal proceedings remains under reserve.

Non-observance of the rules

Exclusion from transportation and a non-replaceable withdrawal of the ticket may take place in response to violations of the tariff and transportation regulations, non-observance of the closure of pistes (due to a risk of avalanches or other safety reasons), non-observance of the forest and flora & fauna conservation areas, non-observance of the FIS rules as well as inconsiderate behaviour. Charges may also be pressed.


Intoxicated people and those people who do not adhere to the rules of these transportation regulations or those regulations of the mountain cable-/railway companies additionally formulated to ensure safety and orderliness, or, because of their particular bodily or mental state are clearly not in a position to be able to do so, are excluded from using the facilities including the pistes.


People who damage, deface or soil the lifts, transportation operating equipment or other equipment belonging to the mountain cable-/railways must pay for the repair and/or cleaning costs. In addition, charges will be brought against people who cause willful damage.

Additional regulations

Insofar as these tariff and transportation regulations contain nothing to the contrary, the regulations of the following provisions shall apply, mutatis mutandis:
  • Tariffs and regulations of the individual mountain cable-/railway companies within the ENGADIN St. Moritz Mountain Pool
  • Transport concession of the individual transportation facility
  • Federal statute concerning transportation in public
  • Verordnung über den Transport im öffentlichen Verkehr
  • FIS rules
  • Swiss law of obligations

Legal venue

Swiss law will be applied exclusively. The legal venue is St. Moritz.

Issued on: 4th October 2007

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