Hiking trails and sledging runs

Treading softly through nature – 150 km of winter hiking trails across three frozen lakes, into secretive side valleys, or with snowshoes along seven signposted routes right across the winter wonderland. Our enchanting winter hiking trails offer you a glimpse of a winter fairytale. Exploring nature on foot is a unique experience, which is why our trails are so well signposted. After all, the objective is for you to lose yourself in your own happiness, not the landscape.

Condition of the winter hiking trails

The following routes are closed:

Hiking trails – lakes
Winter trails around Maloja  
Maloja-Tower Belvedere circuit trail  
Isola-Plaun da Lej (lake trail)  
Maloja-Sils Maria (lake trail)  
Isola-Sils Maria (lakeside trail)  
Isola/Plaun da Lej-Sils Baselgia (lake trail)  
Winter trails around Sils Baselgia  
Schneeschuhtrail Muotta da Güvé  
Sils Maria-Fex Platta (gorge trail)  
Sils: Toboggan run Laret-Sils  
Sils Maria-Fex Crasta-Hotel Fex  
Fex Platta-Fex Crasta  
Hotel Fex-Gletscher (Plaun Vadret)  
Sils Baselgia-Turba  
Turba-Güvé-Fex Crasta  
Sils Maria-Crastas  
Schneeschuhtrail Suot Ovas  
Sils Maria-Silvaplana/Surlej  
Sils Beachclub-Silvaplana Surfcentre  
Sils Maria-Silvaplana/Surlej (Seeweg)  
Silvaplana Surfcentre-Silvaplana  
Silvaplana/Surlej-Champfèr (lakeside path)  
Silvaplana/Surlej-St.Moritz along Lej Nair  
Rundweg Surlej-Champfèr  
Champfèr-St.Moritz Bad/Dorf  
Madulain-Es-cha Dadour  
Hiking trails – centre
Champfèr-Somplaz-Segantini trail-St.Moritz Dorf  
Chantarella-Heidihütte-Schellen Ursli trail-St. Moritz Dorf  
St. Moritz Bad (french church)-Pro San Gian-St. Moritz ski jump  
St.Moritz Bad-Hahnensee  
Around lake St. Moritz  
Over lake St. Moritz  
St.Moritz Bad-Lej da Staz  
St.Moritz Dorf-Cresta Run  
Cresta Run-Marguns valley station  
St.Moritz station-Celerina Staz (Charnadüra)  
Celerina Staz-Celerina  
Restaurant Lej da Staz-Pontresina station  
Restaurant Lej da Staz-Punt Muragl  
Restaurant Lej da Staz-Celerina  
Pontresina cross country ski centre-Punt Muragl-Celerina Kirche San Gian  
Snowshoe trail Pontresina cross country ski centre-Celerina church San Gian  
Celerina-San Gian-Samedan  
Celerina-Samedan (Inn riverside trail)  
Pontresina cross country ski centre Cuntschett-Tolais  
Pontresina Giarsun-Resgia  
Pontresina church Sta.Maria-Crast'ota (sun terrace)  
Pontresina Via dals Ers-Crast'ota (sun terrace)  
Pontresina Truoch-Crast'ota (sun terrace)  
Pontresina Via da la Botta-Punt Muragl  
Pontresina Via d'Arövens-Punt Muragl  
Pontresina Tais forest-Val Roseg  
Pontresina station-Restaurant Roseg Gletscher  
Pontresina station-Restaurant Roseg Gletscher (horse carriage trail)  
Circuit trail Roseg Gletscher (glacier trail)  
Pontresina station-Surovas station  
Pontresina: Toboggan run Languard  
Pontresina Resgia-Camping side-Restaurant Morteratsch  
Pontresina Resgia-Kieswerk Montebello-Restaurant Morteratsch  
Restaurant Morteratsch-Morteratsch glacier  
Snowshoe trail Pontresina-Morteratsch  
Snowshoe trail Bernina Suot-Ospizio Bernina  
Punt Muragl-Samedan  
Punt Muragl-Flaz trail-Samedan aerfield (camping side)  
Samedan airfield-Isellas  
Polin-Via Veglia  
Samedan-San Peter-Funtanella  
Funtanella-Selvas Plaunas-Muntarütsch  
Samedan Muntarütsch-Bever  
Samedan-Bever (along the RhB)  
Samedan-Bever (Inn riverside trail)  
Bever-Spinas (Val Bever)  
Winter trails around Bever  
"Wasserfallpromenade" closed
Winter hiking trails Bever – Zernez
Bever sledging run Crasta Mora  
Bever-Las Agnas (old road)  
Bever-La Punt (Inn riverside trail)  
Chamues-ch-La Punt circuit trail  
Val Chamuera till cascade  
Chamues-ch-Madulain Golf  
Chamues-ch-Madulain-Zuoz Resgia ('Inline trail')  
La Punt-Madulain  
La Punt: Toboggan run Barriere-Reservoir  
La Punt: Toboggan run Reservoir-La Punt  
Madulain: Toboggan run Via Vallatscha  
Madulain Golf-Zuoz forest trail (south)  
Madulain Golf-Zuoz sentier forestal (sud)  
Madulain-Zuoz (Champatsch)  
Madulain-Zuoz (Via Segantini)  
Pizzet-Via Engiadina-Castell-Zuoz  
Pizzet-Es-cha Dadoura  
Zuoz-Pro Tort-Castell  
Zuoz: Sledging run Zuoz  
Zuoz-S-chanf (shooting range-railway line)  
Zuoz-S-chanf (Inn riverside trail)  
Zuoz Resgia-S-chanf (south)  
Zuoz Resgia-S-chanf ('Inline trail')  
S-chanf - Chapella  
S-chanf-Chapella (south)  
Chapella-Cinuos-chel (along the RhB)  
Chapella-Cinuos-chel (above the road)  
Chapella-Cinuos-chel (upper trail)  
Winter trails around Brail  
Brail: Toboggan run Brail  
Zernez Muottas-Plei  
Winter trails around Zernez  
Zernez: Toboggan run Munt Baselgia  

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