Road report Graubünden (in German only)

Streets and passes in and around the Engadin: from Maloja and the Bernina Pass to Silvaplana and Zernez, we’ve put together the key traffic information for the canton of Grisons for you. Check the current traffic situation ahead of time for a relaxed journey to our winter or summer hotels. We hope you have a safe trip!

Updated on: 20.11.2018 06:29
Current road conditions, a service by the Graubünden Public Works Department and Cantonal Police.

Main roads and mountain passes:

Access via Prättigau and Davos, including A13 motorway from Maienfeld to Landquart, Lower Engadin with the Münstertal and Samnaun, Vereina car train:

08.11.2018 17:28
Autoverlad Vereina, Nordportal Selfranga - Suedportal Sagliains:Selfranga keine Wartezeit, Sagliains keine Wartezeit

19.11.2018 04:30
H28 Ofenbergstrasse, Zernez - Muestair: schneebedeckt

Access via Schin, Oberhalbstein, Albulatal,Oberengadin, Bergell, Puschlav:

19.11.2018 13:14
A13 Nationalstrasse LKW, Roveredo - Thusis: Fahrverbot fuer LKW mit Anhaenger

19.11.2018 05:03
Albulastrasse, Berguen - Preda: schneebedeckt

19.11.2018 04:59
Albulastrasse, Preda - La Punt Chamues-ch: schneebedeckt

13.11.2018 19:46
Forcola-di-Livigno-Strasse, La Motta - Landesgrenze:, Wintersperre

19.11.2018 10:38
H 3 Julierstrasse, Mulegns - Silvaplana: schneebedeckt

19.11.2018 04:38
H 3 Malojastrasse, Castasegna - Silvaplana: schneebedeckt

19.11.2018 03:35
H27 Engadinerstrasse, Silvaplana - Brail: schneebedeckt

19.11.2018 06:04
H28 Flüelastrasse, Davos - Susch: schneebedeckt

19.11.2018 11:06
H29 Berninastrasse, Samedan - S. Carlo: schneebedeckt

19.11.2018 18:03
Splügenstrasse, Spluegen - Landesgrenze: schneebedeckt

09.11.2018 07:59
Umbrailstrasse, Sta. Maria i. M. - Landesgrenze: geschlossen

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Traffic forecast of the Vereina car transporter:
Expected waiting time Selfranga / Sagliains in winter 2018/2019.
Traffic Forecast PDF:

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