The 10 principles of branding and design

  1. Unity and variety: The destination of Engadin St. Moritz regards the area between Maloja and Zernez as a single tourist entity. The message sent to target markets should be clear, under a strong, shared symbol – the Siluetta. The aim is to bring guests and residents a better appreciation of the variety and the appeal of this exceptional valley.
  2. St. Moritz lighthouse: St. Moritz has an unparalleled significance worldwide. This value is to be enhanced and protected. Engadin St. Moritz ( the territory ) and St. Moritz ( the lighthouse ) are an interconnected entity, and are mutually interdependent. Both stand for clear values. St. Moritz: international, magical attraction and meeting point for holidays in the mountains; a venue for connoisseurs who seek and can afford top quality, status, and uniqueness. Engadin St. Moritz: What mountains. What lakes. What light! Alpine nature in all its facets, with all the possibilities it offers for active and passive leisure: a contrasting balance of relaxation and activity, gastronomy and culture.
  3. More than just a logo – a staging system. The design system for the representation of the destination of Engadin St. Moritz consists of various components that have different functions. They effectively form a theatrical stage on which services, themes, resorts and mountains are presented dramatically.
  4. Close and far: a logical chain of perception. The destination of Engadin St. Moritz presents itself in such a way that the signal chain “international – national – regional – local – location” can be perceived logically and clearly. Depending on the target market, this sequence has at most three steps.
  5. At the centre stands the message. At the first level of perception, an observer should be able to make out three levels: identification of the sender; identification of the message; and supporting material (geographical classification, reference to events ).
  6. Memorable and valued images: integrated communication Integrated marketing calls for integrated communication. Engadin St. Moritz communicates with the goal of combining key messages and key pictures to present a convincing image of itself along the contact chain, via all channels.
  7. Authenticity and respect: Communication by the destination of Engadin St. Moritz is authentic. It makes reference primarily to the natural qualities of the landscape, and to what the people of the valley can offer. The destination respects all those with whom it works as responsible people, consumers and guests.
  8. The quality chain: The destination and its key players aspire to outstanding performance. Top-flight marketing is in fact an expression of the very special care that has necessarily gone into branding, PR, advertising and sales promotion. Concept development and planning, design and realisation, production and distribution all follow the same quality standards. These are manifested in the qualified and well-coordinated teams that achieve the defined goals.
  9. Leadership is everything: The first step determines the outcome. Marketing concepts, communication packages and individual measures are implemented in logical steps. Each project calls for a written and/or verbal briefing. The direction, intention and task are clearly defined, and give partners an insight into the strategy, the necessary processes and the expected results.
  10. The shared goal: People who develop a strong brand together need exceptional energy: passion, persistence, and style. The courage to simplify, the power to accomplish, and the will to maintain continuity are the strengths that make branding successful.
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